Sunday, October 9, 2011

the girl in the bookstore

she said she knew me.
i looked up from the bestsellers' shelves.
she had those jennifer aniston bangs and black framed specs.
"i hope i don't owe you money!", i joked.
"aren't you suzanne's dad?", she asked.
i raised an eyebrow and nodded.
"yes... yes that's right. do you know her?"
"i did the same art class as her in ballyfermot college last year."
"oh, i see."
she held up the book she was holding in her hand and once it came into my peripheral vision i glanced away from her and foccused on the book.
"my little lighthouse", i read the title and immediately felt flushed wirth embarrasment.
she held out a pen for me to take.
"would you mind signing it for me?"
"no not at all. i'd be delighted."
i scrawled my name on the inside with a 'happy to meet' quote followed by a ham-fisted drawing of a smiley face.
"tell suzanne i was asing for her, mr. mccluskey."

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