Monday, October 10, 2011

pink tea and paper makes my day

delighted to have a guest post today on ellen brickley's blog (pink tea and paper). very nice of her to accept my piece. i've been reading her blogs for a short while now and must say they are enjoyable and a positive read. like all good writers, she has that persistance and determnation to get to the finish line, the ability to stick to the task. another fellow writer who has that stick-at-it-ness quality is mick rooney ( ). i was delighted to assist mick with the launch of his ninth book recently, "the memory of trees" which is published by book republic.
don't forget to visit ellen at pink tea and paper......

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  1. yah..i like this one...went and had a visit and liked it.lots of pink tea and paper..must go back and read more...your piece lloks very good..where'd ya get the snap???? .....shirley